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Hello! My name is Tina, Owner of Sew I Said.  I create affordable, high quality Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilts that will generate memories for a lifetime.

I have over 3 decades of sewing experience.  Beginning in 1989, I began creating gifts for family members and friends; all sorts of gifts such as jar toppers for our friends who made their own jams & jellies and other jarred products, casserole holders, blankets, and traditional quilts with matching pillows and pillow cases as examples.  I kept receiving consistent feedback that I should formalize a business and open it up to others.  At the time, pleasing those close to our family was my primary joy, so I kept gifting as a hobby … not to mention my husband and I had super active boys.

Fast forward to 2020, both of our boys are well beyond their youth sports, and trust me folks, they played them all, but honed in on all things baseball.  Fun times!  In fact, the Custom T-Shirt Quilt featured on our home page (even better pictures here) was a gift to my husband.  He coached nearly all of their youth sports teams, had crates and crates of T-Shirts in our closet, then one day our boys and I surprised him with the quilt you see and it literally brought him to tears.  He’s going to hate that I’m saying this publicly, so keep that between you and I.

So in 2019 I finally had the courage to formalize what we know now as Sew I Said.  When the boys went to college and my involvement in their day-to-day became less and less, I attempted to join Corporate America as I did after graduating from Texas A&M (I probably just lost half of you … Go Aggies!), and in short, I didn’t get any nibbles.  I’m not the spring chicken any more and apparently was overqualified for entry level positions, but not experienced enough to be considered for any job above entry level.  Oh well!  I have no regrets coming home to raise our boys.  Things happen for a reason.

Well, that’s the story of Sew I Said.  I hope I didn’t bore you too much, and also hope you’ll be one of my happy customers today or very soon. 

I believe every T-Shirt has a story, triggers happy memories, and gives you a sense of pride.  Instead of leaving your T-Shirts in the closet collecting dust, why not transform them into something you can use every day?  I’d love the opportunity to make that special Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilt, Memory Pillow, and/or Memory Pillow Case for you.  You can start your order by clicking the button below.  I won’t disappoint you.

Have a blessed day!

Our T-Shirt Quilts are 100% stitched in good ole Texas USA in a pet and smoke free environment.

We Love Happy Customers

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