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Sew I Said 

3245 Main Street, Suite 235 

Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: 469.273.1256

We understand memories are not limited to T-Shirts only, so we are happy to stitch together the following materials: 

  • T-Shirts 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Polos 
  • Cotton Blend 
  • Dry-Fit 
  • Flannel 
  • Scrubs 

*** At this time, we do not accept silk, leather, sweaters, swimsuits, leotards, letter jackets, dance costumes, underpants, sequins, canvas, down jackets, puffy material, heavy coats, denim, and jeans.*** 

The total number of T-Shirts required vary by the Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilt Pattern and Quilt Size (Lap, Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King) you select.  Each Product Description goes into great detail about how many T-Shirts you'll need per Quilt Size, overall Quilt Layout & Dimensions, Backing Color Choices, and other add-on services like T-Shirt Prep and Custom Embroidery.

This is a great way to further customize and personalize your quilt for an additional $39.99.  Email us up to 3 lines of 18 characters each to to add a custom embroidered message to your T-Shirt Quilt backing.  Do not forget to include your order number, name, and phone number.  Prior to receiving your garments, we will be happy to send you an invoice.  Once your invoice has been paid, the temporary hold on your order will released within 48 hours. 



We encourage you to design the layout of your Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilt by doing the following:

  1. View the Quilt Layout for Diamonds & Pearls, Cornerstone, or Milestone Pattern T-Shirt Quilts.  Please note, there are no customer layout options for our  Collage Pattern T-Shirt Quilts; its layout depends on the shirt & graphic sizes we receive.
  2. Organize your T-Shirts per the Layout of the T-Shirt Quilt you'd like for us to create for you, and take a picture.
  3. Email your picture to with your Name, Order #, and the best daytime Contact Phone Number to call/text you if we have any questions.

NOTE: There are no additional costs if your layout picture is received before your T-Shirts are being processed at our facility. 

Of course!  As long as the fabric has been prewashed, ironed, and can cover the dimensions of your quilt, we will consider it an honor to stitch it into your design.


There are no additional discounts provided if you choose to provide your own fabric.   



Please visit our Past Project Gallery to view some of the Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilts we've created over the years.

Customer Reviews are VERY IMPORTANT to us.  Our Review Process normally emails or texts Review Requests 24-48 hours after the delivery of your T-Shirt Quilt or Memory Product of ours.  


You can leave us a Review in the following ways:

  1. Leave us a Video Review
  2. Leave us a Written Review, or
  3. You can email your video to us at  Shameless plug ... WE LOVE to receive videos of our customers viewing their T-Shirt Quilts for the first time.

Please visit our Gift Card Balance website page, type your Gift Card #, and click the Check Balance button.  The remaining balance on the eGift Card will be displayed.

Due to recent virus concerns, healthy living is at the top of everyone’s mind. In order to combat germs and to flatten the curve, we ask that you wash your shirts prior to shipping to us.  In turnSewISaid has implemented the following practices: 

  1. Safe Social Distancing  
  2. Screening and daily temperature checks 
  3. Wear anti-microbial masks made by 
  4. Daily cleaning of all machines and work area after each project is complete 
  5. Steam or sanitize all memory quilts prior to shipping back to you 

Your quilted memory is processed in the order in which it is received at our facility.  No worries, we will contact you to confirm when your garments have been carefully checked in.


All quilts are completed and ready to ship back to you within 4-6 weeks.


Please Note: Christmas and graduations are peak seasons for Sew I Said.  Though we will complete your quilt on time, shipping could be delayed by the courier.  If shipping is a concern, please select expedited shipping during checkout.  Your order will be sent via priority mail. 

  1. Machine-wash your keepsake by itself.  Use a gentle cycle (preferably without an agitator). 
  2. Wash in cold temperature with mild detergent.  Do not bleach. 
  3. To better preserve your keepsake’s original color, use Shout Color Catcher Dye-Trapping Sheets (at least 2-4 sheets)
  4. Tumble dry using low to no heat (or air dry).  DO NOT IRON. 

Sew I Said believes in communication.  As a matter of fact, once payment is processed, you will receive a paid invoice and a confirmation email within 30 minutesPlease keep in mind, the confirmation email will provide detailed instructions of how you should prep your shirts before shipping.   


(*** If you purchased the Collage OR Diamonds & Pearls quilt, you are not required to prep your shirts. We are happy to do this for you at no additional charge.  Thank you in advance for selecting these Signature Series quilts. ***) 


If you are not receiving the emails, please check your spam or junk mail folders.  You should receive them with 30 minutesIf nothing can be found, feel free to contact us at or call us at 469.273.1256. 

Unfortunately, we do not return unused portions of the shirts.


We attempt to responsibly recycle usable parts of your shirts in order to reduce the footprint in our landfills.  Sew I Said has been known to donate a few quilts to the homeless during the winter months.

We have a lot of pride in creating your Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilts.  The prep of the T-Shirts involved is critical to the resulting keepsake, and takes time to get it right.  We charge for these services, but you are also free to prepare your own T-Shirts prior to shipping them to us. 

We're proud to say YES!


Please view our Customer Testimonials for our latest customer reveal videos and the latest written reviews.


And FYI, if you want to send us a Customer Video.  You can do so 2 ways:

  1. Leave us a Video Review, or
  2. Email your video to us at



You can find SewISaid at the following Social Media websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram

Yes.  You can add more $$ to your eGift Card.  Thank you for the consideration!

To add more $$,

  1. Visit our eGift Card Balance website page,
  2. Type your eGift Card #,
  3. Click on the Check Balance button to confirm the remaining balance,
  4. Then you'll see a button appear called "Add More Funds To This Gift Card".  Click the latter button
  5. You'll be taken to our Gift Card Product page,
  6. Select the amount you want to add, then follow our normal checkout process.
  7. After purchase, you can revisit the eGift Card Balance page to confirm the $$ you selected was added.
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