Custom Memory T-Shirt Pillows

Welcome to our Custom Memory T-Shirt Pillows by Sew I Said.  We’re super proud of our newest edition to our product family.  Our Customers were inquiring whether or not we offered Memory Shirt Pillows, so we were creating them as one-off custom requests, and now they are part of our standard suite of products.

We believe our Memory T-Shirt Pillows are special.  We offer an affordable ONE T-Shirt Memory Pillow with your color choice of our Cuddle Minky Fabric Backing and an optional personal embroidered message.  Our Collage Memory T-Shirt Pillows are truly one-of-a-kind.  This Memory Pillow can have your T-Shirts displayed on one side or both sides of the pillow, and both sides of the pillow are quilted for extra comfort.  To learn more, you can click or touch on each Memory Shirt Pillow listed below or you can view more examples in our Customer Gallery.

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