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Collage Memory
T-Shirt Pillow
Product Description

Whether you are giving a gift or memorializing treasured moments, these one-of-a-kind, Double-Sided or Single-Sided Custom Quilted Memory T-Shirt Pillows are perfect for cuddling, snuggling, and displaying in your home, dorm room, summer camp, or sleepover. Every pillow comes with a 24-inch pillow form and is uniquely made from your special shirts or garments.

How is the Back of the Pillow Made?

To allow the easy changing of the pillow form, all Double-Sided Memory T-Shirt Pillow Backings are pocketed, and the front and back are made from the T-Shirts you supply. On the other hand, the Single-Sided Custom Memory T-Shirt Pillow Backings are also pocketed and sewn with 100% White cotton fabric; however, only the front is made from the T-Shirts you supply.

Whether you choose a Double-Sided or Single-Sided Pillow, we at Sew I Said go the extra mile to make sure to deliver the highest quality T-Shirt Quilted products that are washable and durable. Checkout our Customer Reviews and Quilt Reveal Videos (we just LOVE when customers send us videos). If we ever have a question about your order, we won’t assume … we’ll just call you to confirm what you want. Not only do we wish to create a lifelong memory for you via one of our Memory T-Shirt Quilted products, but we also want a lifelong customer who will order from us again and refer us to family & friends.

Benefits for Selecting Sew I Said as Your T-Shirt Quilt Creator

• We Offer Unique Quilt Designs Not Commonly Offered. See Our Project Gallery To See For Yourself. Select the Quilt Pattern That’s Just Right for You!
• Per Our Customer Feedback, We Have Best-In-Class Communication Throughout Our Process.
• Our Laser Focused Care of Your T-Shirts … These Are Your Memories. We Treat Them Like Ours!
• Our Custom Memory T-Shirt Pillows and Quilts Are Durable, Machine Washable, And Meant for Everyday Use.
• We Pride Ourselves in Creating A High-Quality Products That Will Take You Down Memory Lane Each Time You See It!

Are You A New Sew I Said Customer? … A Bit About Our Process.

1. Purchase any one of our Pillows or Memory Quilt Patterns.
2. You’ll receive an email invoice from The email will have 1 PDF attachment.
3. The email attachment will include instructions for how to prepare & ship your T-Shirts and includes a Packing Slip for you to sign and include in the shipping package. PLEASE NOTE: Your signature is required for work to begin on your Memory Quilt or Memory Product.
4. Ship your package to us with the signed Packing Slip included within, per our instructions.
5. You’ll receive an Email and Text (if you’ve opted-in to receive Text Messages during the Checkout process), to acknowledge our receipt of your shipment.
6. We will validate shirt count & preparation. If we have any questions about your T-Shirts, we’ll let you know. If we’re preparing the T-Shirts, we’ll do so at this step.
7. We will confirm the T-Shirt Quilt or Pillow layout with you to ensure we have the T-Shirt order as you prefer.
8. We sew.
9. We Email or Text to let you know your quilt is ready.
10. We ship per the Order instructions or will otherwise communicate with you to schedule a Contactless Local Pickup.
11. Finally, we will follow-up with you usually within 24-48 hours after you’ve received your Memory T-Shirt Quilt to confirm receipt and satisfaction. Shameless ask, if the Memory Quilt is a gift for someone special, WE WOULD LOVE their initial viewing captured on video. See our Customer Videos to view examples; email your video to

Memory T-Shirt Pillow Dimensions and Total Number of T-Shirts Required

Each quilted Memory T-Shirt Pillow dimensions will measure approximately 24 by 24 inches. The number of T-Shirts required per pillow will vary from 4 to10 shirts. Depending on the size of the T-Shirt’s graphics, most Single-Sided pillows require 4-6 shirts depending on the size of the graphics. Whereas Double-Sided pillows can use up to 12 shirts. T-shirt blocks can range from 4 to 16 inches. All shirts will be cropped to highlight the best part of its graphical design.


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