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Sew I Said Gift Cards For Memory T-Shirt Quilts

By popular demand, Sew I Said now offers Gift Cards.  Our customers are so awesome!  When we first launched Sew I Said in 2019, our primary focus (and still is) was on creating high quality one-of-a-kind Custom Memory T-Shirt Quilts.  We had such a positive response from our customers, they began asking us whether or not we offer Gift Cards to gift our T-Shirt Quilts to their friends and family.  Needless to say, we were humbled by the request and we’re happy to report we’ve obliged the request.


Sew I Said Gift Card Amounts

We offer Gift Cards in increments of $50, $100, $250, and $500.  We also offer the ability for you to customize the amount, so as an example, you can customize any of our Memory T-Shirt Quilts to learn the price, then purchase a gift card for that amount.

Order yours today!  It’s a fantastic gift for graduations, holidays, birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion.

How Does The Sew I Said Gift Card Process Work?

There are 2 types of Gift Cards that companies offer, physical and electronic.  We offer electronic gift cards to give our customers immediate access to applying the gift card amount after purchase.  The process couldn’t be easier (well, if there is an easier way, please do let us know).

  1. Visit our Gift Card Product Page to initiate the purchase.
  2. Select the Gift Card Amount ($50, $100, $250, $500 or a Other Amount the type amount you desire).
  3. Type the Email Address of the person receiving the Gift Card in the To form field.
  4. Type Your Name in the From form field.
  5. Type your Personal Message in the Message (optional) form field.
  6. Select the Buy Now button to initiate the purchase process.
  7. After you complete the purchase process, you’ll receive an email invoice confirming your order, and the Recipient you entered in Step #3 will receive the following email as an example.


How Do I Redeem My Gift Card?

You can redeem our Gift Cards in two ways; within your Shopping Cart or on our Checkout Page.  On our Shopping Cart, you will type your Gift Card Code in the Gift Card Number form field shown below, then click or touch the Apply Gift Card button.  On our Check Out Page, you’ll see blue text near the top of the page “Click here to enter your gift card number”, click or touch the text, then type your Gift Card Code.  Sample pictures are shown below for your convenience.

Via Our Shopping Cart

How To Redeem Sew I Said Gift Card On Cart Page

Via Our Checkout Page

How To Redeem Sew I Said Gift Card On Checkout Page

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